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Trading Syndicates


  • Platinum Wealth Merchant Trade partners with Buying, Selling and Supply Agents and their Intermediary partners to facilitate the structuring and securitzation of the sale and trade of goods.

  • PWMT offers within this structure a Merchant Trading Syndication Program, where we bring together a number of key components (Trading, Financing, Legal and Clearance) services under the one platform.

The Syndicate Program

The Syndicate Program facilitates transactions which is structured into various forms of collateralized instruments, based on the type and terms of the transaction. These include (but not limited to)

  • Debentures secured against assets (cash held in escrow or against assets provided as a security guarantee.)

  • Creation of financial instruments such as Letters of Credit, Documentary Credit Guarantees, Performance Bonds and the like.

  • Instruments are segregated in structure, meaning the platform can have multiple issues of notes with different trading parties as well as having segregated liabilities.


The Purpose of the Program is primarily aimed to:

  • Allow Trading Partners the opportunity to aggregate larger buying and selling opportunities.

  • Allow Trading Partners to participate in transactions where contract values exceed their capability to finance.

  • Allow Trading Partners the opportunity to be a direct participant in structured trade transactions.

  • Allows Trading Partners and their buyers and sellers to work together to structure transactions while providing protection and security at all stages.

  • Provide various cutting edge structured trade transaction instruments not commonly utilised.

The Opportunity

  • Syndicated programs such as these are typically only available to higher end clients and traders.

  • With the decentralisation of finance and control being taken away from banks, the opportunities exist for syndicated programs to achieve trading opportunities in a more transparent and cost effective manner.

  • Exists for Buying and Selling Agents to create segregated syndicates which as teams, working in an open book and transparent manner to maximise opportunity, knowing each party is effectively secured and looked after.

  • Where syndicate partners can leverage existing relationships to create greater trade volumes, economies of scale and leverage points to create a total transaction spectrum.

  • Exists to create scalability. Many parties can come together to create volumes which results in better trading profits, control, management of and overall protection of interests.

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