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Platinum Wealth Merchant Trade is a subsidiary of Platinum Wealth Markets, an international distribution firm specialising in the distribution of Financial Services and Investment offerings . (

Our trade finance business provides services to clients of our Merchant Trade Joint Venture Partners.


  • Acts as a structurer of merchant trade and trade financing transactions for its Merchant Trade JV partners.

  • Merchant Trade JV Partners each have their own detailed list of clients and networks. They partner with PWMT to gain access to trade financing vehicles as well as being part of a common brand that works in the interests of the buyer and seller.

For more information contact your Platinum Wealth Markets representative.


The Structured Trade and Trade Financial Securitization Services provider of Choice

  • PWTF structures Trade and Trade Financial Services with our Merchant Trading JV Partners.

  • PWTF is a company that as a result can issue Trade Financial Services Instruments and act as a true intermediary between buyer and seller, all within the confines of our trading partners and trade financial services platform.

  • PWTF is often used as the central component to trade and trade financial services

    • Our JV model doesn’t interfere with our partners existing business

    • It means PWTF can add value to, and can leverage our partners import / export licenses

    • To be seen as the real one stop shop for trade and trade financing services

Key Benefits by partnering with us

  • Structured Trade and Trade Financial Securitisation Services

  • Note Issuing / Structuring of and creating

  • Custody and Trustee (Escrow)

  • Merchant Trading accounts

  • International Clearance and Remittance

  • International Merchant Trading Finance Legal & Compliance

  • Independent Financial Due Diligence

Common Issues

The lack of trust between buyer and seller - Is evident, especially when you add cultural elements to it.

Lack of credibility between buyer and seller - Lack of trading history and credibility is seen as a stumbling block.

The general lack of Due Diligence done - Between buyer and seller as a reputable business as well as on the goods themselves.

Dealing in various currencies - The lack of understanding and leakage that occurs with this.

Legal jurisdictional roadblocks - The language of the contract, the interpretation of it, the location of it, the counterparty attorney not agreeing on it because it’s a standard template used by the lender and not prepared professionally.

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