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Trading Instruments

Issuing of Trade Bonds (secured and unsecured)

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Debentures 


Secondary Market Financing Instruments

  • Bank to Bank Trade Finance Loans

  • Funded / Risk Sub-participation

  • Letter of Credit Refinancing

  • Letter of Credit Reimbursement

  • Bill of Exchange & AVAL Guarantee

Letters of Credit

  • Irrevocable

  • Confirmed

  • Transferable

  • At Sight

  • Deferred


Trade Credit

  • Trade Credit Insurance Financing

  • Receivables Finance

  • Forfaiting


Credit Guarantees

  • Documentary Credit Guarantees

  • Export / Import Finance Guarantees

Other Forms of Finance

  • Pre Import Capital Financing

  • Asset Lending

  • Inventory Financing


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