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Escrow / Payment & Clearance Services

PWMT partners with our dedicated Escrow service provider that collects, holds and disburses funds according to the terms agreed by exporters and importers and specific instructions given by those.


The PWMT Escrow facility help protect both parties by reducing the potential risk of fraud and offer a mutually beneficial method of payment on international trade transactions. PWMT offers this service to Suppliers, Sellers and Buyers.


PWMT partners with one of Australia's largest and most reputable trustee and custodial service providers.

Key benefits and points of difference includes:

  • The opportunity for PWMT (In conjunction with our Australian Financial Services License provider) to manage trustee and custodial services.

  • The opportunity to have this managed on behalf of PWMT by our trustee and custodial services provider.

  • Escrow facilities up to USD $1b in domiciled in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

  • Where PWMT can provide segregated escrow accounts for dedicated trading partners, or one-off payment and clearance accounts.

  • PWMT Escrow facilities are multi-currency.

  • Payment and Clearance services are underpinned through in-house Legal counsel, who works with the party’s attorneys to assist in the structuring of trade transactions.

  • Multi language – Mandarin and Cantonese speaking representatives.

The difference this fully integrated service can make…

  • This is not just a payments and clearance service…this is a fully integrated and managed service in unison with all other related trade and financing requirements.

  • Integrated with services such as our performance bond and the right financial instrument means transactions can be achieved more effectively and timely. It also means more deals can get done.

  • It means our platform can truly service the needs of the buyer, seller and supplier. This as opposed to servicing a part of the whole transaction.

  • This is a facility that can be used by both the seller and buyer’s attorneys, in conjunction with PWMT.

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